Complete Guideline About Packing A Camping Backpack


Backpacks are a very old product that is considered most important while camping. As time passes backpacks also bring a lot of updates in themselves and now we see the latest backpacks with amazing features. These updates are now playing a great role in keeping our stuff safer and more protective.

But there are a lot of beginners who are thinking of going camping but are unaware of the steps that they can follow to pack their waterproof camping backpacks. We are here with a complete guideline that any person can follow to pack his camping backpack easily without leaving any important items behind.

Steps To Pack A Backpack

Although it’s a very easy task to throw some stuff into the backpack and go camping. But there is a great chance that you will regret it because everything you put in the Backpack is not organised. Hence it is suggested to follow the given steps to pack a backpack in an organised manner.

Backpack’s Brain

The uppermost zippered pocket of the backpack is considered as Backpack’s brain as the top of the packs are straddled on it. You can put your snacks, headlamps, or navigation tools in this pocket. This will save you from wasting time searching for these items in your inner pockets.

Front Pouch

Sometimes we have to put our wet jackets in the backpack but can’t find a separate place where our other stuff doesn’t get wet. The front pouch is the best place for it hence keep this pocket to put wet cloth. Moreover, you can also put such items in this pocket that you need instantly.

Hip Belt Pocket

You can put your high-use stuff like lip balm or trail snacks in the hip belt pocket. The most amazing fact about this pocket is that you can easily access these items without taking off your camping backpack every time you need any stuff.

Water Bottle Pocket

Now we are going to discuss the most important compartment of camping backpacks, which is the water bottle pocket. There is a special compartment at the base of each side where you can access the water bottle easily.

Ways To Avoid Over packing

There may be a great chance that you over-packed the stuff and then you have to face lots of difficulties at the camping. You can follow the given steps to avoid over packing:

  • Make a complete list of camping gear that you need like sleeping bags, food, clothes, etc. Try to make the list as short as possible.
  • Most importantly, make different sections like important stuff, less important stuff, and luxury items.
  • The stuff you have listed in luxury items doesn’t need to be put in your backpack. Hence, try to eliminate about half of the steps.

Ending Remarks

Going camping and enjoying the beautiful scenery is easy but packing your stuff is a kind of back-breaking task. There are lots of people who are still unaware of these steps that they can follow to pack their camping backpacks more effectively. The above article is a complete guideline in this regard.


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