The Ultimate Guide to the Best Shoe Rack Designs


A shoe rack is a crucial piece of furniture in a home. It allows you to organize your shoes very neatly while saving space at the same time. You can have them placed strategically for ease of use and display. If you have seen a shoes rack placed by someone in their house, or you already have one in your space, you can tell how well the space looks with this addition. However, choosing the best design for your shoe storage should be among your main priorities if you want to improve the beauty of your space. Here is a simple list of the best shoe rack designs.

A look at the best shoe rack designs

Alibaba is the best place to buy a shoe rack if you are looking for one. Whether you want a single piece for your home or multiple pieces for everyone in the house, be cautious about the designs you settle on. It ensures that you can complement your space theme and the needs of those using the rack. That said, read the five designs below and make a choice.

A cabinet shoe rack

The cabinet design is currently among the modern types of shoe racks that people prefer. It keeps all your shoes hidden away. If you are a minimalist, the shoe rack can be ideal. It creates a space that appears clean and neat. You can use the cabinet to store a lot of shoes.

An antique-style shoe rack

The antique design is perfect for anyone whose household furniture follows the antique design. The design is very attractive. One thing you can always look forward to in antique furniture is its durability. The antique design is also always in style. Thus, you are guaranteed to invest in a stylish and stunning design. At the same time, it saves you the trouble of refurnishing to the current trends decades down the line.

A bench shoe rack

The bench shoe rack design is ideal for the entryway. It serves two main functions: it acts as a bench to sit on and a shoe rack. The bench provides an excellent place to sit as you take off or put on your shoes. Most designers make style the shoe rack with high-quality wood in mind.

Tiered shoe rack

The tiered shoe rack design is one of the most common presents in the market. The tiers range from as low as two to a higher rank. The tiered rack design you select should coordinate with the number of shoes you want. One of the best merits of the tiered shoe rack is that it blends well with almost all home rooms.

Adjustable shoe rack

As the name suggests, the adjustable shoe rack allows you to adjust it to fit your needs. You can change it in the lateral or longitudinal direction. The adjustable shoe rack design ensures that you can meet your capacity needs.


The shoe rack design you use for your home may accentuate its appearance. However, make sure it also serves a practical design. For instance, the cabinet shoe rack is perfect for anyone with minimalist tendencies.


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